A. M. Wolfe

Baltimore since 1989


Maria Wolfe

I am a Baltimore native, born and raised here.  I am pursuing a degree in Psychology from Towson University.  My studies led me to London where I studied abroad in the Fall 2013 semester, which is where I discovered my love of street art, murals, graffiti, and any outdoor urban art and so began a great new hobby.  Since that Fall I have spent much time "street art hunting" and it has turned into one of my favorite and most rewarding hobbies.  It has not only brought me great photographs and visual memories, but lifelong friends, new acquaintances, discovery of tons of new beautiful and fun spots throughout Baltimore City, and hopefully inspired others to go search for the art while seeing the surrounding landscapes and environments.  The majority of the street art, murals, and graffiti are found in some of the poorest, most violent and crime-ridden areas of the country and the world.  

Besides "Street Art Hunting" I also enjoy Rap music, my dogs, computers, reading, traveling, hanging with my family and friends, driving, and being outside.  





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